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Breakfast wrap

Wake up to a delicious morning with our hearty Breakfast Wrap, a satisfying combination of wholesome ingredients that will kickstart your day with flavor and energy.

Crafted with care and packed with goodness, our Breakfast Wrap features a tantalizing blend of whole eggs, diced bacon, melted cheese, colorful capsicum, and fresh spinach, all wrapped up in a soft and fluffy flour tortilla.

Our pasture-raised whole eggs are cooked to perfection, offering a rich and creamy texture that forms the foundation of our wrap. Diced bacon adds a savory punch, infusing every bite with smoky flavor and satisfying protein.

Next, we layer on a generous portion of grated tasty cheese, melted to gooey perfection for that irresistible cheesy goodness. Colorful mixed capsicum adds a crunchy texture and vibrant sweetness, while chopped spinach provides a dose of leafy greens, making our Breakfast Wrap not only delicious but nutritious too.

All these mouthwatering ingredients are carefully folded into a soft flour tortilla, creating a convenient and satisfying meal that's perfect for enjoying on the go or at the breakfast table. Whether you're fueling up for a busy day ahead or indulging in a leisurely morning treat, our Breakfast Wrap is sure to hit the spot.

Contains Egg and Egg Products, Gluten (Cereals containing Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats & Spelt), Milk and Milk Products, Soybean and Soybean Products, Wheat (including its hybridised strain) ) (irrespective of whether it contains Gluten)

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